Griffin's MultiDock looks sleeker than ever, and it can still house and charge a herd of devices at once

In an age where expecting humans to limit themselves to a single piece of electronics is a little too much to ask for, what could be better than to own a physical hub where multiple things can be charged simultaneously? In all seriousness, though, the Griffin MultiDock can indeed be a rather handy tool for businesses, schools and other organizations needing to store, power and sync a large number of devices at once.

What's also good about the second-gen MultiDock is that it's no longer only compatible with iPads, allowing a multitude of slabs from different manufacturers to be housed inside of it. Griffin's also quick to point out that the new MultiDock's design was the result of a collaboration with designer Thomas Meyerhoffer, who's more famously known for having worked on the Apple eMate. Regardless, be prepared to break the piggy bank, since the MultiDock's set to be priced starting at $699 when it becomes available later this month.

Griffin's MultiDock looks sleeker than ever, and it can still house and charge a herd of devices at once

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Griffin Unveils the Elegantly Redesigned MultiDock for Charging, Syncing and Storage of Mobile Devices

Space-efficient, securable charging and storage for up to 30 iOS and Android devices debuted at IFA 2013

Nashville, TN – September 5, 2013 – Griffin Technology, one of the world's foremost creators of innovations for everyday life, is rolling out a newly designed MultiDock for charging, storing and syncing multiple iPads, tablets and smartphones. To fully update the MultiDock, Griffin worked in collaboration with former Apple designer, Thomas Meyerhoffer, to envision a sleek new look and feel for the device.

"We always want to break out of the box. In this case it used to be a heavy, black box," said Designer, Thomas Meyerhoffer. "Now it's light, soft and works much better. Yet it's also more secure and efficient."

"The reimagined MultiDock is a powerful way to sync, charge and store multiple devices," said J. Curtis, Director of B2B Product Development at Griffin. "With Meyerhoffer's expertise and our technical knowledge, we updated everything inside and out to get the right balance of premium features and design."

Griffin's exclusive ChargeSensor™ technology in MultiDock adapts on the fly to any connected iOS or Android device by providing the fastest charging rate for that device. Schools and businesses can charge any combination of mobile devices deployed. And, connecting a device that uses Apple's new Lightning connector activates MultiDock's Quick Charge Mode to charge these devices at the fastest possible rate, even while syncing.

A single MultiDock is designed for easy securing to a table, desk or countertop and comes with hardware to stack up to three units in one space with charging for 10 - 30 devices from a single computer. Available in two configurations: a single 10 bay unit and a stacked 30 bay cart complete with smooth rolling wheels, handle and a lockable laptop tray large enough to secure a 15" MacBook Pro.

Multidock's gorgeous outer shell is made of aluminum with a clear, anodized finish. The locking front door, made of steel, slides effortlessly into place to secure any device inside. Individual, color-changing LEDs indicate charging and syncing status for each bay at a glance no matter if the front door is open or closed.

MultiDock will be available this month for $699 to $2,399. For more information and technical specifications visit