Latest Surface Pro accessory rumor points to a desktop dock

Microsoft is supposedly working on a desktop docking station that's compatible exclusively with Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 slates (following yesterday's rumor of a battery packing keyboard cover), according to reports from Neowin and WinSuperSite. So what could the Docking Station bring the Pro and its (still unannounced) sequel? Possibly, USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports as well as gigabit Ethernet and audio in / outs. Even if your typical workflow requires multiple monitors, Redmond has you covered thanks to an external video output. These are box-standard features on any recent PC, sure, but they could help fix the issues we had with the Pro's basic usability. We don't have price or availability info, but there's likely an announcement coming soon -- we are over a year out from the Windows 8 tab's reveal, after all.