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Blood Pact: 'Lock loot in Siege of Orgrimmar

Blood Pact 'Lock loot in Siege of Orgrimmar MON

Every week, WoW Insider brings you Blood Pact for affliction, demonology, and destruction warlocks. This week, Megan O'Neill links all the things, all the time.

Patch week with a new raid tier? It's loot list time.

You know the drill. Just like last time, I'm going to visit the loot for each boss, perhaps saying a word or two, just so you know what's there when you spend a coin on a bonus roll.

The usual loot advice is the same: go for the bigger items when using your bonus roll. If you're raiding Flex or LFR as additions to progression raiding, I'd suggest coin-rolling on tier and trinkets in the lesser modes so you at least have a flavor of the item. Lower item level tier can be swapped out for the sake of keeping a set bonus intact and trinket procs tend to be powerful even at the lowest item levels. Otherwise, it's the same old fill what slots you need filled.

Remember, both Flex and LFR wings open over the course of the next month, while all normal modes are available from the start and heroic modes are open next week.

Blood Pact 'Lock loot in Siege of Orgrimmar MON

Wing 1: Vale of Eternal Sorrows

Immerseus: Unfortunately, everyone will want the Amplification trinket. Fortunately, it drops off the very first boss, so if you're a progression raider, chill out because you'll be killing him a lot and seeing loot drop. Here's to hoping the drop rate isn't completely bad. If you're working on the last part of the legendary cloak questline, chances are you won't want the Cloak of Misguided Power, but in case you're bringing an alt warlock through, there it is. Finally, there's a lookalike mage tier helm with mage-y stats.

The Fallen Protectors: The first ring we can use, critty and hitty as it is, drops off this trio of former Golden Lotus pandaren. Continuing with the mage lookalikes in the first wing, we have some robes with a chunk of haste, but you can get your warlock lookalike on with these masterful shoulders. Finally, hit-n-haste boots are left for us to grab up.

Norushen: Norushen is actually friendly in this encounter; you'll be looting the corpse of the Amalgam of Corruption instead. There's a good combo of hit and mastery on both the first amulet and first bracers to drop, as well as some good non-tier shoulders that unfortunately look like mage tier. Otherwise, we're stuck with some critty gloves.

Sha of Pride: Sha has the cool staff with the huge eyeball on it, but surprisingly the first available tier piece will be our chest piece. Maybe it's because our tier chest is crit and mastery, because although we'll like more mastery this tier, crit's still not a favorite of warlocks. There's also a sha pet that drops, so roll your dice well in raid!

Blood Pact 'Lock loot in Siege of Orgrimmar MON

Wing 2: Gates of Retribution

Galakras: This fiery proto-drake has crit bracers, but the rest of the loot is pretty good for warlocks. The 'lock-a-like helm has a grand chunk of haste, and if you need even more you can pick up the ring. The sandals bring yet even more haste but also some mastery instead of hit.

Iron Juggernaut: The mastery belt belongs with a mage tier look, and while we don't often see leggings beneath our robes, the haste and mastery combo is pretty nice for an off-tier piece. If you miss the old orb-in-claw look from Cataclysm PvP gear, it's back for an off-hand off this chunk of Horde engineering.

Kor'kron Dark Shaman: Yes, there is an amulet of haste and hit on this boss. There are also some alliteratively named boots after one of the major voidzones in this fight. But we all know the competition's greatest on that Multistrike trinket those Dark Shaman have for us.

General Nazgrim: Our gloves are the second tier piece to drop for us. While the shoulders pack some great haste, you can pick them up to fit the rest of the mage lookalike gear if you feel the urge to look truly terrible. If you don't want to spend a coin on those, consider going for the Horde-like sword. As an Alliance player myself, I'm not advocating trying out a Horde look, but consider how often you get a chance to transmog to Muramasa as a warlock? Yeah, exactly.

Blood Pact 'Lock loot in Siege of Orgrimmar MON

Wing 3: The Underhold

Malkorok: Poor Malkorok only has two things to offer. While he does have a trinket, it's the Cleave trinket, which is only useful on some fights instead of all. But if you like the tier 16 warlock look, you can grab the critty belt he also drops.

Spoils of Pandaria: I'm not sure who Avool is but he left some pretty sweet haste/mastery bracers on the Spoils of Pandaria. Oddly enough, the robes referring to insects aren't off the Klaxxi boss. But the smoky-cloud wand of glowy things certainly looks like it came off a Pandaria-named boss.

Thok the Bloodthirsty: This T-Rex is a lootasaur whose corpse you'll want to pilfer. There's a haste and mastery ring on the loot table, but the socket bonus is spirit, so I doubt the personal loot system will pop this item up for warlocks. You can try for it in regular raid, however. Our tier helm token drops here as well as a blood-dripping orb off-hand. But you know this bloodthirsty dinosaur just dreams to be a pretty pretty princess T-warlox when you find our tier's lookalike robes and lookalike gloves on his corpse.

Blood Pact 'Lock loot in Siege of Orgrimmar MON

Wing 4: Downfall

Siegecrafter Blackfuse: This engineering clusterfel of a fight has your tier shoulders of crit and haste as well as some mage lookalike gloves. I know it's not a reference, because we already have items for much more awesome WoW Insider writers than me, but I can't unsee a certain name within this staff's name. I know what megalithic means, but..megantho-?

Paragons of the Klaxxi: It figures that the insect lords have the tier legs -- after all, they have plenty of legs to go around if you need some. The third ring choice is here along with yet another option of wristguards. Finally, the dagger is faintly glowing green on the bottom, but at least it's not bright orange that doesn't match anything.

Garrosh Hellscream: I find it odd that we get a BoA off-hand, but no matching BoA main-hand, just a BoA two-hand, but c'est la vie. The haste/mastery off-tier helm is here, but I think I'll want the gooey, purple, eyeball book for transmog at the very least. Unfortunately, you'll have to kill Garrosh at some point to get the Wushoolay's 2.0 trinket, which is shaping up to be very good if not BiS for warlocks.

Next week we'll look at catch-up loot from the Timeless Isle and what Ordos has in store for legendary cloak-wearers.

Blood Pact is a weekly column detailing DOTs, demons and all the dastardly deeds done by warlocks. We'll coach you in the fine art of staying alive, help pick the best target for Dark Intent, and steer you through tier 13 set bonuses.