PlayStation 4 coming to Japan February 22nd, three months after US launch

In addition to a major PS Vita announcement, Sony's ongoing event in Japan has brought some less positive news for the home crowd. Japanese gamers have to wait until February 22nd to get hold of a PlayStation 4 -- three months later than the mid-November PS4 launch in the US. The console will be priced at 41,979 yen (the US price is $399), or 46,179 yen with the PlayStation camera, and Sony will again be offering a first limited edition pack with free games at the same price. When the launch date was announced, the live audience literally groaned with disappointment. Kawano-san, SCEJA's President, explained that the delay was because the company needed time to re-version Western titles for the Japanese audience and ensure a full array of launch titles. However, that's unlikely to allay complaints from Sony's Japanese fan base. Three months is quite a wait.

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