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3DMark benchmarking app arrives on iOS, allows cross-platform comparisons

Since there aren't many benchmarking apps for iOS, we totally understand if you resented 3DMark's Android-only release in April. Good thing Futuremark finally launched an iOS counterpart, giving you a way to test hardware and pit the results directly against those of Windows and Android devices. The tool comes with three benchmarking modes that gauge CPU and GPU performance: the basic Ice Storm test, the more demanding Ice Storm Extreme and a new one called Ice Storm Unlimited, which lets you make chip-to-chip comparisons between phones and tablets. 3DMark will work with hardware running iOS 6.0 or higher (except if it's a 4th-gen iPod touch), but you'll need at least 174MB of free space. While this'll surely make a lot of people happy, it's not the end of the tool's foray into new platforms -- Futuremark plans to unleash a Windows RT version in the future.