Apple's back in the dock business and now making cases

Looking at the iPhone accessory page today after the Apple Store came back online, two things were immediately noticeable. First, Apple has a pair 'o docks available for the new 5c and 5s -- both sell for US$29, and the only difference appears to be the shape of the port that you drop your phone into.

Apple is also getting into the case business -- as you'll remember, the company made a bumper for the iPhone 4 / 4S, but has never made a full case for an iPhone; it's always left that up to third-party manufacturers. For the colorful iPhone 5c, there's a "hole-y" case for $29 that you can mix or match with your phone.

For the iPhone 5s, the company also came out with a line of $39 color cases, some of which are a little... odd. We're also hearing from a number of case manufacturers who will have cases for the new devices coming out this week. Keep tuned to TUAW for all the highlights.