GestureWorks Gameplay adds onscreen controls to almost any Windows 8 game

DNP GestureWorks Gameplay adds virtual controllers for video

GestureWorks is smearing the lines between PC and tablet gaming with its Windows 8 app, Gameplay. The application lets you custom-design gestures and virtual buttons for most games, and place them wherever you see fit. It probably works fine with Castle Crashers' simplistic mayhem (pictured above), but we aren't so sure we'd want to explore Skyrim without a mouse and keyboard. Regardless, maybe now you can give those Steam sale impulse buys a whirl while you're on the go.

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Gameplay Virtual Controllers Provide the Ultimate Mod for PC Gamers

San Francisco, CA – GestureWorks Gameplay software was revealed today at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF2013) in San Francisco.

GestureWorks Gameplay is a revolutionary new way of interacting with popular PC games. Gameplay software for Windows 8 lets gamers use and build their own Virtual Controllers for touch, which are overlaid on top of existing PC games. In addition, gamers can use hundreds of personalized gestures to interact on the screen.

GestureWorks Gameplay will be released in November 2013. Gamers can see a video showing the product in action and can sign up for the October Beta release on the GestureWorks Gameplay website:

Unlike traditional game controllers, Virtual Controllers can be fully customized and gamers can even share them with their friends. Gameplay works on Windows 8 tablets, Ultrabooks, 2-in-one laptops, All-In-Ones, and even multitouch tables and large touch screens.

"The Virtual Controller is real! Gameplay extends hundreds of PC games that are not touch-enabled and it makes it possible to play them on a whole new generation of portable devices, " says Jim Spadaccini, CEO of Ideum, makers of GestureWorks Gameplay. "Better than a physical controller, Gameplay's Virtual Controllers are customizable and editable. We can't wait to see what gamers make with Gameplay."

A dozen pre-built Virtual Controllers for popular Windows games will come with GestureWorks Gameplay. The software also includes an easy to use, drag-and-drop authoring tool allowing users to build their own Virtual Controller for just about any Windows-based game. Gameplay lets users configure, layout, and build their own Virtual Controllers. Users can place joysticks, D-pads, switches, scroll wheels, and buttons anywhere on the screen, change the size, opacity, and add colors and labels.

Powered by the GestureWorks gesture-processing engine, Gameplay provides support for over 200 gestures. Beyond overlay touch controllers, gamers can set full-screen (global) multitouch gestures that provide additional controls to PC games.