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Phonebloks: a utopian world where smartphones are a bit more like Legos

We hate to open too negatively here, but let's just say that this seems like one of those ideas that's just too good to be true. But heck, much stranger things have happened in the world of consumer electronics, and certainly the maker and crowdfunding communities have gone a ways toward helping us rethink our devices. What about a smartphone that could score a 10 every time iFixit teared it down? A simple, modular handset that you could configure and reconfigure it to your heart's content and upgrade simply instead of throwing it all away? Phoneblok is still firmly in the chipper YouTube video concept phase, but its creators are hoping that, with enough social push at the same time, the company will be able to attract some big names to its big idea. Crazy? Sure. But crazier things have happened.