GameStick launch pushed once more, now arrives on October 29th

The second Kickstarter-funded, Android-powered gaming console to arrive this year -- PlayJam's GameStick -- is being delayed once again, this time to October 29th. Folks who backed the game console on Kickstarter will get it earlier in the month, with shipments arriving "three to four weeks before retail." The rest of us can pick it up at GameStop, Amazon or GAME (for you UKers), and it'll cost the expected $79.99 / £79.99.

You may've noticed we didn't list that price in Euros, and that's because the console is launching in the US and UK first, with the rest of the EU, Canada and Middle Eastern territories getting GameStick "prior to the end of year holiday season." PlayJam CEO Jasper Smith chocks this (third!) delay up to "stringent QA" standards at the company, and PlayJam responding to the criticisms it heard from early beta testers. "Production delays are certainly frustrating, but in certain instances they're essential," Smith told Engadget. "There were some issues there that we thought needed to be solved, there were some issues that came out of watching what others had done, that meant that we should solve some other issues. So the unfortunate result is that pushed things back."

Smith cited various usability issues, from "the way games were being submitted" to "the way that the games actually played," as fixed problems. "On TV you've gotta make it so it's easy for people to get in and out of a game, start again and all that stuff. And I hope that we've done a reasonably good job on that." We hope so too, and we'll find out soon -- keep an eye out for a review of GameStick in the coming weeks on Engadget.