Humble Indie Bundle 9 sees Fez, Mark of the Ninja debut on OS X

The Humble Bundle is easily the best deal available on the internet when it comes to pay-what-you-want entertainment. It works on a sliding scale of price / morality. You pay whatever you want for a block of games / movies / comedy albums / e-books etc, from zero dollars on. Buyers who pay more than the average get bonus content. It's truly a wonderful idea.

Currently, the deal being offered is the Humble Indie Bundle 9, a set of four incredible games for your standard customers with two extra games for people who pay more than US$4.59. That's right -- six full games for less than a dollar apiece. More importantly, this particular bundle marks the Mac debut of two of these titles.

The basic package comes with Trine 2: Complete Story, Mark of the Ninja (for the first time on Mac), Eets Munchies Beta and the Jack Black-starring heavy metal role-playing game Brütal Legend. If you pay more than the standard amount you also get FTL: Faster Than Light and the legendary 2D platformer in a 3D world, Fez. You can watch the bundle's trailer below. Head over to the Humble Bundle website now and get stocked up on games.