Walmart to sell iPhone 5c for $79, iPhone 5s for $189

iPhone 5c in pink

If you think that the iPhone 5c and 5s are a little too pricey, we've got good news: Walmart plans to sell both Apple smartphones at a discount from the very start. The 16GB iPhone 5c will sell for $79 on contract, or $20 less than the official price, while the 16GB iPhone 5s will be available for $189. As elsewhere, pre-orders for the 5c will start on September 13th; both of the new iPhones will ship on the 20th. Don't like contracts? You're not left out of the bargains -- Walmart plans to slash $100 off the prices of Straight Talk's iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 variants, which will respectively cost $349 and $549 as of September 14th. The savings are small when compared to the service fees you'll pay over a few years, but it's hard to object to having a little more money left in your pocket.