Grand Theft Auto V arrives tomorrow, read Joystiq's review right now!

Despite some early leaks, the vast majority of humans can't pick up Grand Theft Auto V until tomorrow, September 17th. Fortunately for our friends at Joystiq, though, they got to do a dive deep on the latest Rockstar Games flagship in an early review. In traditional GTA fashion, "You can run the streets of a fully-realized world, steal cars, cause chaos and attempt to flee from an extraordinarily irritable police force," Joystiq's Xav de Matos writes. New to the series this time around is heist missions, which task the game's three main characters (all playable) with, well, heisting valuables from a target (think: banks, jewelry stores, et cetera).

Though De Matos generally found the game worth his time, it sounds like the narrative beats are once again hampered by poor pacing and underdeveloped, over-the-top characters. "Since GTA V features three main characters with vastly different personalities, your time is split, and the narrative isn't given enough room to resonate," he says. There is of course much, much more to discuss, which you'll find in the Joystiq review, right here. We've also dropped five minutes of gameplay video after the break, should your fires not be stoked enough already.