OK, now I'm excited about the iPhone 5s slow-mo recording feature

When Apple showed off the slow-motion camera feature at the iPhone event last week, I thought it was a neat addition, but it didn't exactly blow me away. Maybe it was just the amount of information being thrown out in quick succession, or maybe it was the sample videos Apple used at the time, but whatever the reason, it took a pint-sized video from a fashion company to actually sell me on the idea. The video below was recorded by Burberry, a British luxury clothing and fragrance brand, during a recent fashion show in which they partnered with Apple to show off the capabilities of the iPhone 5s camera.

As you can see, everything seems pretty standard until the smartphone's 120fps slow-motion recording feature is activated, giving the previously fast-moving flower petals an elegant fluttering effect. Now if only I had a good reason to carry flower petals around with me on a daily basis to capture something this fantastic.

You can check out a whole gallery of iPhone 5s snapshots on Burberry's Instagram page.