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Evernote for Mac now offers a Presentation Mode as a premium feature

It's not just iOS and BlackBerry 10 users getting new Evernote apps this week; the company has now also released an updated version of its Mac app with one fairly big new feature. An all-new Presentation Mode will now let you share your notes with others and possibly eliminate the need to jump into Keynote or PowerPoint. Clicking the Presentation Mode button will naturally switch things to a full-screen mode, and give you the ability to move ahead in your presentation by tapping the spacebar; another new feature will let you use your mouse or trackpad as a laser pointer of sorts, with your cursor movement displayed as a glowing blue light. The only catch is that you'll need to be a Premium Evernote user to take advantage of the feature, although Evernote is offering a 30-day free trial in the hope that you'll pay up. There's no word yet on the feature making it to other platforms just yet, but Evernote does say that it's "available first" for Mac, so we'd presume others can expect it eventually.