Former EA boss invests in Will Wright's Syntertainment

John Riccitiello, former CEO of EA, is the third board member and an investor in Syntertainment, the startup from SimCity creator Will Wright. Syntertainment recently secured $5 million in funding, part of which is attributed to Riccitiello, GamesBeat reports.

"John is one of the smartest guys I know," Wright says. "I've always enjoyed working with him, especially because he really is a gamer at heart. At the same time his strategic insights into the rapid evolution of the entertainment industry continue to inform and inspire me."

Syntertainment focuses on "the intersection of entertainment and reality," and it is dedicated to "changing the world through uniquely fun and lasting user experiences," its About page reads. In May, Wright divulged Syntertainment's aim to make a game about individual lives.

"I am very interested in basically how we build a game about the player, around the player's life, around the things that they they know, the places they go, the people they hang out with," Wright said. That sounds about (W)right.