Disney Infinity gets 'Tron Highway,' four other free toy boxes

Five new toy boxes are available for free in Disney Infinity, Disney announced. One of the toy boxes is Tron Highway, which offers puzzle-platforming and racing action along a blue, neon-lit track. The other four free toy boxes this week are Sugar Mania, Monster Rally, Cosmic Platformer and It's a Trap, all of which are available on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U. The courses can also be accessed by Disney Infinity: Toy Box players on iPad.

Additionally, Disney announced the "Extreme Sports Challenge," in which players are encouraged to submit their best toy box "sports arenas" over the course of the next week. On October 3, the developer will choose a handful of featured creations and make them available for download as well.

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TOY BOX THURSDAY: Disney Infinity Announces "Extreme Sports Challenge" Toy Box Submission and Makes Five New Toy Boxes Available for Download!

Tron Highway Toy Box

LONDON, UK – [19th September 2013] - Imagine Mr. Incredible driving through Tron. Or fighting alongside Mrs. Incredible to save the universe all under a different backdrop? Well, now it's possible! Today, Disney Interactive released five new custom-built Toy Boxes for Disney Infinity players, including the visual described above (called: Tron Highway). These new Toy Boxes are available now for download free of charge on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and iPad using the recently launched Disney Infinity: Toy Box app.

To download new screenshots of each uniquely-themed Toy Box, please visit:

Below are brief descriptions for each of the five new Toy Boxes:

· Tron Highway - Race a Light Runner, battle enemies, navigate mazes and find hidden paths to get to the end of the broken highway. (View video HERE)

· Sugar Mania - Take King Candy's Royal Racer for a sweet spin on a Sugar Rush-inspired racetrack. (View video HERE)

· Monster Rally - Pull off a series of tricks in a side-scrolling stunt show spectacular. (View video HERE)

· Cosmic Platformer - Compete with friends on an obstacle course that's out of this world. (View video HERE)

· It's a Trap! - Pay close attention to get through these puzzling rooms. Beware of traps and double jumping! (View video HERE)

Players can download the new Toy Boxes by selecting "Toy Box" from the Disney Infinity Main Menu and then select "Toy Box Share" and "Disney's Toy Boxes." Once there they will see a list of all the featured Toy Boxes and can choose one to download. They will be able to come back every week for new Toy Boxes. Players should also let us know what they want to see because Disney Infinity developers will soon begin creating content based on player suggestions.

Also starting today, Disney Interactive is encouraging Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and iPad players to enter the Extreme Sports Challenge and submit their best (and most extreme) Toy Box sports arenas.

Players from around the world will be able to submit their creation for consideration for one week and on Thursday, October 3, the extreme sports challenge winners will be uploaded to the website. Featured Toy Boxes will be chosen by Disney and available for download on the Xbox360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and iPad.

When you're ready to submit your Toy Box for consideration, follow these directions:

Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U
· Bring up the Pause Menu and select "Online/Multiplayer."

· Then select "Toy Box Share" > "Disney's Toy Boxes" > "Submit to Disney."

· Follow the prompts. You'll be asked to give your Toy Box an original name and description. Choose carefully – they will be shown to everybody if your Toy Box is featured.

· Bring up the Pause Menu and select "Toy Box Share."

· Then select "Disney's Toy Boxes" > "Submit to Disney."

· Follow the prompts. You'll be asked to give your Toy Box an original name and description. Choose carefully – they will be shown to everybody if your Toy Box is featured.

Future challenges will include castle building, mazes, and more, so stay tuned to see what's next. As a refresher, Disney Infinity's Toy Box is a wide-open space that gives players free range to create entire levels or worlds of their own. Players can upload their creation onto Disney's server and Disney will curate and release the best ones so all gamers can experience the magic.

Disney Infinity is available in stores now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Wii and 3DS.