PlayStation Vita TV seeing 'strong response' outside of Japan, Sony looking into EU / US launch

As if it weren't already expected enough, PlayStation Vita TV is almost certainly headed to territories outside of Japan. "During the presentation yesterday, the European / American users showed a very strong response, more than we expected, and there has been a strong inquiry / request / demand that they want the product," SVP and Division President of Business Division 1 at Sony Computer Entertainment Masayasu Ito told Engadget in an interview today. "Of course we are thinking of launching in the EU and US, but in terms of timing we have to watch the timing and watch the environment carefully," he added.

That echoes statements made by Sony, who told us "We are considering every opportunity, but have nothing to announce at this time" a few weeks back. What Ito expanded on, though, was how the system might change before heading to other regions. "If we have to add further services or not. It's not that we have decided, but cloud gaming services, how can we work on that? So we are looking at each of the possible items before launching in Europe or the United States," he told us. Interesting indeed, especially considering the upcoming Gaikai game streaming functionality for PlayStation game consoles. It sounds like the rest of the world won't see Vita TV this year, but rest assured, it's almost certainly on the way.

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