The streams crossed: Mixpanel shows iOS 7 adoption rate now surpasses iOS 6 (Updated)

There you have it: Mixpanel's data is showing that the number of iOS devices running iOS 7 just surpassed the number running iOS 6 after only three days. What do we have to say to the Android world at this juncture in history? This:

The rapid adoption of iOS 7 vividly demonstrates the advantages of having a "closed" ecosystem in which the hardware manufacturer also controls the operating system. Not only are Apple's devices uncluttered with bloatware from carriers and manufacturers, but everyone in the ecosystem can get an update at pretty much the same time, delays caused by overworked servers or having really old equipment notwithstanding.

We're sure that there's going to be some debate about whether or not this is an accurate figure. Chitika delivered some updated numbers that showed the adoption rate to be more like 32 percent after just 48 hours -- still an amazingly fast uptake of a completely new version of a major mobile operating system. Just remember those figures for Android 4.3 Jelly Bean which, after 14 months, is only showing a paltry 45 percent share of the Android operating system world.

Can you say "fragmentation"? Of course you can!

Updated: Reader PKFC notes that the figures for all of Android "Jelly Bean" include versions 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3, with a total of 43.39 percent of the total Android operating system share. Previous versions include 4.0.x "Ice Cream Sandwich" (26.1 percent of the total), and 2.3.x "Gingerbread" (27.07 percent).

And by the way, as of this update at 4:46 PM ET on 9/21/13, Mixpanel is now showing iOS 7 adoption at 52.35 percent compared to iOS 6 at 43.66 percent. Older devices running earlier versions will remain at about 3.98 percent. Boo-yah!