Instapaper creator sets out to build Overcast, a better iOS podcast app

If you're wondering what Marco Arment, creator of Instapaper, has been up to since he sold the read-it-later service to Betaworks, wonder no more. At the XOXO festival in Portland, OR, Arment announced that he's been working on a new podcasting app for iOS called Overcast. Why? The tl;dr reason is because "podcasts are awesome" (We can't say we disagree). The long of it, however, is because as a lover of podcasts, Arment was frustrated at the quality of the podcast apps that are out there, stating that Apple has been asleep at the podcast wheel for years and third-party solutions aren't that much better. So he's taken matters into his own hands with Overcast. He's currently about half-way done with the app and hopes to release it later this year. We don't really know that much more about it, but if Arment's previous work is any indication, we have high hopes for this one. In the meantime, you can head on over to to sign up for updates.

[Image credit: John Biehler, Flickr]