Bosses in 5 Seconds: Siege of Orgrimmar LFR wing one

Bosses in 5 Seconds SoO LFR wing one

Here we are again, people, with the first wing of LFR open for almost a week, more and more people are braving the queue and the eternal tank shortage, and stepping into the Vale of Eternal Sorrows to cleanse some corruption. But what are we all doing in here? Why the heck does this watery dude keep going back to full health? Why am I in this twilight zone? And, more importantly, why am I dead?

Please do note that these aren't in-depth strategies that elucidate every nuance of the fights. They're quick'n'dirty rundowns that will arm you with just enough knowledge to get your head around the key mechanics and hopefully make it through the fight alive. And they'll let you seem all clever in raid chat at the start. I'm aiming, simply, to tell you how to make it through. No clever business, nothing fancy.


  • Spread out around the boss

  • Carpet your area with sha puddles

  • Run from Swirl

  • Tanks shouldn't stack, and should swap on Corrosive blast. Don't stand on tanks.

  • In phase 2, which starts at 0% health, damage dark blobs and heal pale ones. Stand nearby when they explode for buffs.

  • He dies when his corruption bar reaches 0. You'll pull him down to 0% health several times.

Fallen Protectors

  • Kill order: Rook to 66%, kill adds (Gloom first). He to 66%, kill adds. Sun to 66% kill adds. Repeat, but with 33% instead.

  • They'll try to res each other if one hits 1 health, keep an eye on that.

  • Don't stand in bad. There's a lot of bad. Don't stand in any of it.

  • When a yellow circle appears on a player, stack in the circle. It shares damage.

  • When the bubble appears, stand in it.

  • Face away from He on Gouge.

  • Tanks use a cooldown for Rook's Vengeful Strikes.


  • Kill priority is always big add (Manifestation), then little add (Essence), then boss. Damaging the adds also damages the boss.

  • Big adds drop a purple ball on the ground when they die. Tanks and healers should pick it up.

  • There's a twilight zone you'll be pulled into. DPS kill adds from behind, tanks survive for 1 min, healers keep the NPCs alive until the add dies. It'll pop you out when you're done and you'll have a +damage done, +healing or -damage taken buff.

  • Tanks taunt-swap on Self Doubt.

Sha of Pride

  • Stack at the Northern end of the room unless you are a tank. The boss can be solo-tanked, so OT take the adds where possible.

  • Healers only dispel Mark of Arrogance when you have Gift of the Titans.

  • Step on the orange buttons to release players from prisons.

  • Kill priority is big adds, little adds, boss.

  • If your Pride level is 25-49, spread for Swelling Pride. You'll blow up.

  • If your Pride level is 50-74, Swelling Pride will spawn a pool with a green arrow. Stand in it ASAP.

  • If your Pride level is 75-99, spread for Swelling Pride. You'll deal AoE damage for 25 seconds.

  • If your pride hits 100 Swelling Pride will permanently CC you. Make a cup of tea and think about what you did.

OK, so that last one wasn't really in five seconds, but the Pride levels make it a little tricky! Like I mentioned earlier, there isn't a lot of detail here, and I'm not really explaining why you're doing things, but if you follow these directions you should at least live for as long as the rest of the raid does, and be in the position to spam some tactics into chat!

Immerseus is very straightforward indeed, but the latter three bosses can all cause groups some bother. The biggest thing that's wiped groups has been, for all the latter bosses, not killing things in the right order. Groups that get overwhelmed by adds will be in serious trouble. For Norushen, players not picking up the purple balls is a problem, as the healers will not be able to keep up with the raid-wide AoE. Sha of Pride, make sure you release players from prisons. They'll usually be diagonal across the room, so tanks can take one, and the rest of the group can take the other.