Livescribe 3 smartpen appears in FCC filing, can't wait to digitize your doodles

Now that we've got those naming suits out of the way, it's time to get down to brass tacks. With "brass tacks" involving a new smartpen, in this particular instance. The Livescribe 3 has just made itself known in a public FCC filing today, showcasing a svelte writing utensil whose main purpose in life is to digitize your handwritten notes. It's equipped with Bluetooth in order to pair with your iOS device and the accompanying Livescribe+ app, and once you start doodling in your Livescribe notebook, those very scribbles will appear in the app. There's a micro-USB connector on top for recharging it, and a handy twistable handle that turns the unit on. (Oh, and if you're curious, we're told that "more supported devices" will be added soon.)

For the power users, there are Pencasts -- said to be "interactive documents containing audio that is synchronized to your handwritten notes." As is always the case with FCC reveals, pricing and availability are nowhere to be found; that said, an FCC submission generally signals that it's just about ready for store shelves in the US. We'll watch as you attempt to digitally write about the art of containing your excitement.