Dell no longer selling its XPS 10 Windows RT tablet, wants you to buy the Latitude 10 instead (updated)

If you're dead-set on a Windows RT tablet, it's increasingly looking like the Surface 2 will be your only option. After Samsung and Lenovo discontinued their respective devices, Dell is also apparently giving up on the beleaguered OS: the XPS 10 is no longer listed for sale on Dell's site. What's more, the company is pointedly suggesting that users buy the Latitude 10 instead (that's a tablet running full Windows 8, with a more powerful Atom processor under the hood). Of course, it's possible Dell's just sold out for the moment, but given the unpopularity of Windows RT devices in general, and the fact that Dell declined to refresh the XPS 10 with another RT device, we're guessing not. At any rate, we're asking Dell for comment and will let you know if we hear anything.

Update: Dell wouldn't confirm or deny that the Dell XPS 10 has been discontinued. Instead, a rep for the company gave us this coy statement: "We're going to be announcing our full tablet portfolio at the event in New York next week and will be providing full details then." See you guys on October 2nd, then.

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