Google fuels the entrepreneurial spirit by launching Tech Hub Network in seven cities

Innovation, man. You either have it, or you don't. And, in the case of Google, you stand to gain all sorts of long-tail revenue if you help fuel the aforesaid fire. Google for Entrepreneurs was just the start, and now the company is branching out to partner with existing technology hubs and incubation labs across the world. Rather than crafting hubs of its own, Google is announcing a Tech Hub Network that'll launch with seven partners, initially located in North America.

1871 (Chicago), American Underground (Durham), Coco (Minneapolis), Communitech (Waterloo), Galvanize (Denver), Grand Circus (Detroit) and Nashville Entrepreneur Center (Nashville) have made the starting lineup, and if you're near one, you might want to consider dropping by. Google is committing to "providing each hub with financial support alongside access to Google technology, platforms and mentors, and ensuring that entrepreneurs at these hubs have access to an even larger network of startups." And, of course, being that much closer to Google Ventures can't hurt.