Stay hydrated with the BluFit smart water bottle and app

Yes, you read that headline correctly. A startup is taking pre-orders for the BluFit water bottle (US$59) and you'll never need to guess how many ounces or liters of water you've sucked down during the day.

This latest innovation in the world of connected fitness tools is currently grabbing pledges on Indiegogo, and early supporters can nab one of the bottles for $49. Now why would you buy a $50 or $60 water bottle? Well, that app takes a lot of different data into account -- weight, age, temperature and humidity -- to determine how much you should be drinking. You can set and monitor personal goals, and adjust your sipping based on how active you are during a day.

In the meantime, you'll get colorful alerts from the bottle's sleeve, which has LED lights built into it. The bottle has a Bluetooth LE chip inside of it that takes info from the built-in water flow sensor and syncs it with the app, and there's a rechargeable battery to keep your bottle glowing and beaming for up to six days.

Check out the pitch video below, and then decide if your current Nalgene bottle is smart enough for you.