Broadcom announces WiFi and Bluetooth combo chips for in-car connectivity

Be it PCs, phones, televisions or wearables, if it can go wireless, Broadcom wants in on the action. Today the company has added one more category to that list, and it's the car. Indeed, its new line of wireless chips is specifically catered for automotive use, and is decked out with the latest 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth Smart Ready technologies for smoother streaming between mobile devices and in-car displays. But the technology's scope doesn't stop there. You could also use it for smartphone remote control of your vehicle's settings, high-speed connectivity via LTE hot spots, vehicle-to-infrastructure communications and even the syncing of biometric data to make sure the driver isn't fatigued or drunk when he or she's behind the wheel.

Broadcom's current automotive portfolio consists of the BCM89335 5G WiFi / Bluetooth Smart Ready combo chip and the BCM89071 Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart Ready chip, which are now in the sampling stage. Of course, as this is still in development, we're not sure just which cars will incorporate such tech just yet. Seeing as how more cars are getting connected, however, you'll probably see it in action at your local auto dealership sooner than you think. For more on Broadcom's automotive initiative, check out the press release after the break.

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Broadcom Targets In-Car Connectivity with First 11AC/5G WiFi + Bluetooth Smart Combo

Paves the Way to In-vehicle High-speed Connectivity and Content Streaming

IRVINE, Calif.-September 26, 2013 News Highlights:
Enables on-the-road access to the latest in mobile innovation
Allows drivers and passengers to easily sync and stream mobile device content
Expands Broadcom footprint in fast-growing connected car market

Broadcom Corporation (NASDAQ: BRCM), a global innovation leader in semiconductor solutions for wired and wireless communications, today announced a new line of wireless chips, targeted for use in automotive infotainment applications. Featuring the latest in 11AC/5G WiFi and Bluetooth Smart Ready technology, Broadcom's wireless automotive chips will allow drivers and passengers to easily sync and stream content from mobile devices to the car's infotainment system and rear-seat displays. The new chips also enable high-speed connectivity beyond the vehicle, serving Internet and cloud content via LTE telematics or directly from a Hot Spot connection. For more news, visit Broadcom's Newsroom

Based on the latest generation IEEE 802.11ac standard, the integrated 5G WiFi technology provides the bandwidth required for multiple in-car displays and resolution of up to 1080p, allowing uncongested 5GHz video to coexist concurrently with 2.4GHz Bluetooth hands-free operation. Bluetooth Smart Ready technology, which allows products to sip power at an incremental rate, will play a vital role in enabling connectivity between the car and wearable tech and body sensors, such as the ability to monitor biometric indicators including driver fatigue, blood alcohol content and glucose levels.

"Car connectivity is the new battleground for product differentiation and the next frontier for Broadcom," said Rahul Patel, Broadcom Vice President of Wireless Connectivity. "Broadcom is delivering our proven expertise and leadership in wireless connectivity to the automotive market. By providing the same technology and roadmap associated with the fast-moving mobile ecosystem, the possibilities enabled by our new wireless automotive chips are endless." Analysts predict the use of in-car Wi-Fi-enabled applications to grow eightfold by 20191 as car makers leverage the latest technologies to differentiate in an increasingly competitive market. One of the most immediate applications enabled by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart is the smart remote, allowing drivers to use their smartphone to remotely adjust seat, temperature and infotainment settings while providing vital data on automotive performance and diagnostics.

V2X Communications
Not only will Bluetooth Smart technology seamlessly sync mobile devices to the vehicle audio and display system, the technology offers great promise for new innovations in vehicle to person, vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communications (V2X). Designed to improve both driver and traffic safety, V2X communications will allow drivers to anticipate upcoming road hazards, traffic incidents and monitor speed limits. For example, when the V2X system reports a blocked road or traffic jam on the route, future vehicles will have the ability to automatically adjust speed or calculate an alternative route. Infrastructure development and smart highway initiatives are already underway throughout Europe and the United States.

Market Drivers
 Every car is expected to be connected by 20253  30 billion devices are expected to be wirelessly connected by 20204  Automotive wireless market projected to reach $1.6B by 20185  41 percent increase in demand for wireless technology in automotive expected 2012 – 20175  Bluetooth Smart ICs expected to grow >10x by 20186  Automotive Bluetooth expected to remain the standard connection with mobile devices

Key Features
Complete 5G WiFi system including MAC, PHY, RF and Bluetooth Smart Ready on a single chip

Integrated Wi-Fi DirectTM, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED MiracastTM and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED PasspointTM support

Resolves interference challenges in systems with both 4G LTE cellular radios and wireless connectivity

Advanced beamforming, Low-Density Parity Check and Space-Time Block support for better coverage


Broadcom's wireless automotive portfolio consists of two devices. Both the BCM89335 5G WiFi/ Bluetooth Smart Ready combo chip and the BCM89071 Bluetooth + Bluetooth Smart Ready chip are now sampling. For ongoing Broadcom news visit our Newsroom, read our B-Connected Blog, or visit us on Facebook or Twitter. And to stay connected, subscribe to our RSS Feed.