Skitch unveils new logo alongside revamped app for iOS 7

Skitch made a couple of big announcements today, one of which is a spanking-new logo. Gone is that pink heart we know and love, and in its place are the feathers of an arrow that signify stabilized flight and direction. As if to emphasize that point, the company also unveiled a version 3 update for its iOS app that promises even faster image capture and annotation than before. As soon as you launch it, you'll be presented with Quick Shot mode, which should let you snap a photo, annotate it with an arrow and send it off to the cloud in seconds. You may add further captions to an image, share Skitched pics to all attendees in a calendar meeting, sync them via AirDrop or simply save them to Evernote. It's also updated the overall interface with new tools and style bars for better use of real estate and to match the stylings of iOS 7. It looks like the new logo hasn't rolled out to the App Store just yet, but the updated app certainly has. So go on and hit the appropriate link in the source to have a peek at the all-new Skitch.

Skitch unveils new logo alongside revamped app for iOS