Google Play Movies & TV update adds On Device menu, streamlines episode selection

If you picked up Chromecast earlier this summer, there's a good chance you've been exploring Google's digital content library. Now the company is trying to make it a little easier for you, updating its Google Play Movies & TV app to present television content in a more straightforward, linear manner. Gone is the app's episode-focused browsing experience, for instance, replaced by a more organized list of television programs that filter into sequential lists of episodes. Each show's card is smaller too, allowing more to fit on a single screen. Diving into a program's folder shows not only the purchased episodes, but now also prompts the user to buy the next episode in the series. Content that has been pinned for download can be accessed more quickly as well, and can be filtered through a new On Device menu for offline viewing.

The changelog also notes that the update brings "several bug fixes," which seems to have disabled screenshots on some devices (according to Android Police.) Holding power + volume down still managed to snap an image on our HTC One, however. A mild disappointment, to be sure, but it's hard to argue with a cleaner, more efficient interface. Snag the update for yourself at the Google Play link below.