Netflix's highest quality 'Super HD' 1080p video streams are available everywhere

Feeling left out because your internet provider isn't on board with Netflix's Open Connect program that provides access to its Super HD high-bitrate 1080p streams? Let that feeling of abandonment go, as the company has announced all of its customers (with compatible players) now have access to the higher quality video (and, in the US, 3D). According to Netflix the move is based on a combination of performance data and member requests, although we'll consider ourselves unofficial beta testers after a glitch temporarily switched it on for all providers back in August. Netflix is going to keep pushing its Open Connect platform, and reminds users that actually getting the video streams with less compression depends on the network connection available. Let us know if you're seeing a few new shades and sharper edges in OITNB, or if things have stayed pretty much the same.