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Sweden's Com Hem launches TiVo soon, will offer Netflix in December

It appears the tests of an IPTV-ready TiVo on Sweden's Com Hem service went well, as the provider is officially launching service September 30th. It's also built a few new service packages around the three tuner, 1TB HDD-equipped DVR, with the TiVo Max option offering about 80 channels and TiVo Combo Max bundling internet and phone service. Another part of some of the TiVo packages is a TiVoToGo offering that let's users stream several live TV channels and video on-demand to other devices, along with DVR scheduling and remote control features from the iOS app. The other juicy detail is that, like Virgin Media in the UK and Google Fiber in the US, Com Hem will allow the Netflix app on its set-top boxes. The Netflix feature is expected to launch on its TiVos in December, and we figure there will be plenty of customers ready, with a claimed 45,000 already preregistered for the new boxes since May 15th.

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Launch of Com Hem's TiVo service on October 7
- Game changing service with new functionality and more content

Com Hem is completely transforming its television offering and providing an entirely new way to watch television based on your personal preferences. The TiVo® service from Com Hem gathers television channels, film store, on-demand services and apps on a single platform, and makes the content available whenever and however you want on you television, computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Through the TiVo service, Com Hem will offer its customers lots of new and exciting content. We are proud to announce that Netflix will be available through Com Hem's TiVo service as of December. Com Hem will also be launching a number of new channels to its channel lineup, as well as the new British video on demand service, Cirkus. Com Hem will be increasing the number of channels in all packages, and its largest package, Tivo Max, will include around 80 channels.

Com Hem also presents a new way to package its television service. The TiVo box, which features a 1 TB hard drive and three turners for triple recording, will be included in the subscription of all packages, and the new TiVoToGo™ service, with which you can bring your television with you anywhere you want, will be included in the monthly cost for the three largest packages. The cost of Com Hem's TiVo service begins at SEK 149 a month.

45.000 customers have preregistered for the service since May 15.

On October 7, Com Hem will be unveiling the launch campaign for its new television service, TiVo, which is the company's largest launch ever. As of September 30, the service will be available through, Com Hem's customer service and with retailers.

Com Hem's TiVo service is unique in Sweden since it gathers content from television channels, on-demand services such as Cirkus, CMore Play and Viasat Film, as well as an on-demand and film library with more than 12,000 titles on a shared platform, and makes all content integrated and searchable.

"Although there are a number of great television services in the market today, none of them gathers all content into a single service. This results in a rather complicated world for consumers, who must keep track of what content is available and where to find it. To date, no one has taken on the role of aggregating and integrating all services onto a single platform, thus simplifying the television experience. This is precisely our vision with TiVo, in which we want to gather, package and deliver an all-inclusive television solution that provides seamless access to the best content, whenever you want and on the device of your choice," says Tomas Franzén, CEO of Com Hem.

TiVo from Com Hem is television customized to your needs
Functionality and hardware
One of the distinguishing features of the TiVo service is the intelligence of the "TiVo Mind" service, through which TiVo learns what shows you enjoy and recommends shows that you like. TiVo stores all suggestions on a customized play list – "My TiVo." You can also create your own wish lists using TiVo that prompt the service to record all shows with your favorite actor, director or featuring subject matter that you like. TiVo from Com Hem becomes television based on you, your personal needs and your schedule.

The service includes a digital box with 1 TB of storage space, which corresponds to up to 500 hours of content to watch, and a triple recording function that enables you to record three shows simultaneously. These properties in a digital box are currently exclusive to Com Hem.

A series recording function also allows you to easily record every episode of a series. Com Hem's TiVo service works with both cable television and IPTV.

"Now that we have become part of the TiVo family, we can offer a television service that is constantly evolving. TiVo is investing USD 120 million annually to develop its services, which is unprecedented in the Swedish television market. The service's functions have taken TiVo years to develop. In addition, Com Hem has spent 18 months adapting the service to the Swedish market. Combined, this means that our television offering is at the absolute forefront of what is currently on offer among Swedish operators," says Asanga Gunatillaka, Product Director at Com Hem.

Exciting new content on TiVo from Com Hem
Netflix coming soon to Com Hem
Today, Com Hem announced that it has signed an agreement with Netflix, the world's leading internet television streaming service. Using the Netflix app on Com Hem's TiVo service, Com Hem's customers will be able to watch critically acclaimed series such as House of Cards, Hemlock Grove, Arrested Development and Orange is the New Black, as well as documentaries, children's shows and other content available through the service. This is the first time that Netflix is being offered through a Swedish pay-tv supplier.

"We are naturally extremely pleased to be able to offer Netflix in our TiVo service and make their first-class selection available to our customers. The partnership also showcases TiVo's considerable advantages as a comprehensive home-entertainment platform. Through our TiVo service, we are gathering the best content in the market and making it both available and searchable on a single platform," says Asanga Gunatillaka.

Netflix will be launched in Com Hem's TiVo service in December.

Cirkus gathers British drama series, comedies and factual television on a single platform
As of December, the British service Cirkus will be available on Com Hem's TiVo service. This service provides Com Hem's TiVo customers with access to the very best in British television.

Read more about Cirkus here:

Expanded packages and new channels
TiVo from Com Hem is available in four different package offerings: TiVo Bas, TiVo Mellan, TiVo Plus and TiVo Max. Compared with previous package offerings from Com Hem, several popular channels have been moved to less expensive packages. All packages have been expanded and the largest package, TiVo Max, will soon include 80 channels – 12 more than the former XL package. Another change is that the TV4 SportXtra HD channel will become part of a standard package (TiVo Max).

We also have the pleasure of welcoming a number of new channels to Com Hem, including MTV Live HD, Mezzo Live HD, Travel Channel HD and Ginx TV. A bit later this autumn, we will also add the channels Fuel TV HD, Kanal 5 HD and Horse & Country to our selection.

New package offers
TiVoToGo™ – included as standard in the larger package offers
On October 7, Com Hem will be launching TiVoToGo™, a new cloud-based service that comprises an integrated element of the TiVo experience. TiVoToGo™ is a standard part of the TiVo Mellan, TiVo Plus and TiVo Max packages. The service gives customers increased flexibility to be able to watch their favorite shows on their computers, tablet computers or mobile phones. With TiVoToGo™, you can stream live television, watch shows after they have aired and restart television shows. TiVoToGo™ will offer a vast selection right from the beginning and then continuously be expanded over time. Channels including SVT, BBC, MTV, Nickelodeon, Turner and National Geographic will be available right away. TV4 is expected to be added to the TiVoToGo™ selection in December.

TiVoToGo™ will initially only be available for iPad and iPhone and offers the ability to control your TiVo box and to time the recording function and delete recorded material, both at home and away. TiVoToGo™ will enhance your television experience by allowing you to search for content and information about shows while you watch television. TiVoToGo™ also functions as a touch-screen smart remote control. The TiVoToGo™ app includes integration with social media.

The TiVo box with a 1 TB DVR hard drive will be standard in all packages
The TiVo box will be a standard feature in all packages. Free service and free repair are included in the subscription.

Prices and launch offer
The TiVo-packages will be available for a monthly cost between SEK149 and SEK439.Two lead offers are available at launch:

Try TiVo Max for the price of TiVo Mellan, 279SEK, for the first 3 months
At launch, Com Hem will offer new customers to try TiVo Max for the price of TiVo Mellan, that is SEK279 for the first three month. After three months you select the package that suits you.

Try TiVo Combo Max for the price of TiVo Combo Mellan, 299SEK, for the First 3 months
For only an additional 20 SEK per month for the first 3 months customers can, in addition to trying TiVo Max, can experience superfast 250Mb broadband and home phone, including Com Hem's telephony app for smartphones which saves customers money on their call costs when away from home.