Fiksu: iOS 7 adoption rate at 58 percent after one week

For the past week, analytics and advertising firms have been checking in with word on the adoption rate of iOS 7 -- that is, what percentage of all iOS devices are currently running the new operating system. The latest is Fiksu of Boston, which announced yesterday that iOS 7 was on 58.5 percent of all Apple mobile devices that were accessing its clients' apps.

By comparison, iOS 6 was only at a 47.5 percent share after one week, while iOS 5 was at just 27.2 percent in the same amount of time.

Chitika has also updated its data, and now says that iOS 7 accounts for 51.8 percent of the Apple devices accessing its servers. For iOS 6, the company saw an uptake rate of 47 percent after one week.

Mixpanel has been posting hourly adoption rate figures and now shows 61.24 percent of all Apple devices running iOS 7. Taking an average of the data from all three of these firms shows an impressive 57.2 percent adoption rate, incredible when taking the huge number of iOS devices into account.