Apple and AT&T settle class action for unlimited data claim of original iPad

DNP Apple and AT&T to pay 2010 iPad buyers $40 for killing unlimited data plan offer

Another day, another lawsuit finally drawing to a close. This time, a judge has approved a settlement for a class-action lawsuit filed against Apple and AT&T, based on the unlimited data claims of the original iPad that were later withdrawn by AT&T. So, if you bought a 3G iPad before June 7th, 2010, you'll get a $40 payout from Apple, even if you stand among AT&T's grandfathered customers. Meanwhile, if you purchased the original 3G iPad but didn't get a mobile plan, you're also eligible for a $20 / month discount for up to a year under the carrier's current $50 offering. The toddler-aged class action was born out of affected customers' frustration over the change and the belief that they overpaid for their devices as a result. Unfortunately, the ruling won't be finalized until February 2014, so don't expect to hear from Apple about the payout -- or plan a modest $40 dinner for two -- until then.