Palo Alto to require wiring for fast EV chargers in new homes

Palo Alto to require wiring for EV fast chargers in new homes

Palo Alto is an ideal place for electric vehicles when it's full of wealthy, tech-savvy executives. It only makes sense, then, that the city council has voted in favor of a proposal requiring that new homes include wiring for speedy Level 2 EV chargers. The mandate should add less than $200 to a home's price, and could represent a bargain for future residents -- they'd have to pay four times more for a retrofit, Mayor Greg Scharff says. Established locals may also catch a break, as the council wants to simplify the process of getting an EV charger permit. The moves aren't very bold -- many in the area could buy a Model S with spare change -- but they may start a trend that spreads to less affluent regions.

[Image credit: Steve Jurvetson, Flickr]