The Daily Grind: What games do you like even though you didn't play them much?

Reopening wounds for the past year or so.

I only played Warhammer Online seriously for the six weeks of my first Choose My Adventure stint. There's no way I could call myself a big fan without being a liar. But despite that -- and despite the fact that the game had been in a steady downward trajectory ever since the first day I started working at Massively -- I still had a lot of affection for the title. I was sad to hear it would be shutting down, because it appealed to me, even if I didn't want it to be my main game.

I think we've all had a game or two that we tried or played for a little while without really falling for it. Sometimes we move on peacefully, and other times we still cheer for the game from the sidelines. So what games do you like even without being a big-time player? Are they games you used to play that you eventually moved on from or ones that just strike you as somehow worthy?

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