FTC will not challenge Google's $1 billion Waze acquisition

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Melissa Grey
October 1, 2013 5:41 PM
FTC will not challenge Google's $1 billion Waze acquisition

When Google acquired Waze back in June, the Federal Trade Commission decided to investigate the deal to see if it violated antitrust regulations, and today, it looks like Mountain View is in the clear. According to Bloomberg's sources (unnamed people "familiar with the matter," naturally), the FTC will not interfere with the acquisition, as the $1 billion purchase isn't seen as an aggressive act designed to stifle competition. The review's outcome is indeed welcome news at Google, as the company can now proceed with integrating Waze's crowd-sourced traffic and mapping capabilities with its own services. By this point, antitrust challenges must be awfully familiar to the folks at Google, but we're pretty sure that winning them never gets old.

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