YouTube Music Awards hit NYC Nov. 3, blend mainstream artists and internet stars (video)

The alternate reality of Youtube -- where locally unknown but internet famous entertainers with millions of subscribers grab a spot next to widely recognizable mainstream artists -- meets the real world November 3rd with the first ever YouTube Music Awards. Lady Gaga, Eminem, and Arcade Fire are some of the names you'll recognize from TV and radio that will be there, along with YouTube channel favorites like CDZA and Lindsey Stirling. Spike Jonze is penciled in to serve as creative director and actor Jason Schwartzman will host, while VICE and Sunset Entertainment drop in as executive producers. Since YouTube is where many people go to check out music and find the newest artists (MTV is for scripted shows and reality TV of... varying quality), that it would launch its own live event seems almost inevitable.

The show itself comes to you from NYC, but musical collaborations will be beamed in from locales around the globe including Seoul (so, that means Psy is going to show up), Moscow, London and Rio. Nominations for the awards open October 17th, and the site is calling on viewers to judge contributions from the past year to determine who will be the winner.