Insert Coin: Split, a diminutive, bite-controlled music player in earbud form

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DNP Insert Coin Introducing Split, a diminutive, wireless audio player that's bitecontrolled

With Split, developer Greenwing Audio is Kickstarting Moore's Law to your ears. What you see in the image above are more than just wireless earbuds, they're everything you need to listen to music wherever you are -- no additional devices needed. Right about now you're probably wondering how standard stuff like playback and volume controls work. Well, those tasks are handled by biting. No, you didn't misread that. One bite skips a track and a double bite adjusts how loud your music is. According to the pitch video, gentle chomps are sufficient and you don't even need to open your lips.

What makes Split different from many other wireless audio device is it isn't beaming Bluetooth radiation into your skull, so maybe you'll be able to retire that tinfoil hat. If the project reaches its $435,000 Kickstarter goal, your $155 pledge won't be a promise, it'll mean you don't have to spend hours of your life untangling headphones for listening to music on the go.

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