HAPIfork will tell you when to chew for $99 starting October 18th

The bossy utensil that got the mainstream media all worked up at CES will be available for purchase for $99 starting October 18th at the premiere purveyor of all things you didn't know you needed: Brookstone. HAPIfork, a Bluetooth-enabled fork that vibrates when you shovel food into your mouth at a pace that exceeds pre-programmed intervals, is already shipping to Kickstarter backers. Pre-orders start today, with direct purchases available exclusively from Brookstone online and in-store starting the 18th. If you're having trouble measuring your mastication, check out the press release after the break.

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SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- HAPILABS today announced an exclusive partnership with Brookstone, the innovative retailer and product development company to sell HAPIfork through Brookstone retail outlets and

"We're thrilled to bring HAPIfork to Brookstone shoppers, both in our stores and on"

The Bluetooth-enabled smart fork helps modify eating behavior, making people aware of eating at the right time, at the right speed - leading to an overall healthier state of being and living.

Now shipping to thousands of Kickstarter backers following the beta launch. HAPIfork is available today for pre-order on, shipping on October 18th. Retailing for $99, HAPIfork is available in white, black, blue, pink and green will also be in Brookstone stores on October 18th.

"HAPIfork is a great example of technology helping consumers lead a healthier lifestyle," said Steven Schwartz, Brookstone vice president of merchandising and product development. "We're thrilled to bring HAPIfork to Brookstone shoppers, both in our stores and on"

Designed by French entrepreneur and inventor Jacques Lépine, HAPIfork was created out of research showing by eating slower, people can improve the way they feel, improve digestion and lose weight.

A series of scientific studies have highlighted the negative effects related to eating meals too quickly, including:

Weight gain - feeling full is felt after about 20 minutes. So, the faster you eat, the more you end up eating. Various studies have found that eating slowly may help overweight people;

Digestive problems - food that is eaten too quickly is often poorly chewed, making your digestive tract work that much harder, which could increase the danger of acid reflux and bloating;

Postoperative complications - eating slowly reduces the stress on weakened tissues in your body.

"We believe more than 50% of our health comes from what we eat and how we eat," notes Fabrice Boutain, HAPILABS founder and CEO.

"HAPIfork is a revolution! It will help millions of people eat more slowly, adopt good eating habits, lose weight and feel great! Additionally, with HAPIfork comes the platform for web and mobile. Our cross-device platform makes the experience of changing bad habits easy and fun. Here we've created a coaching program providing helpful nutrition and fitness tips and motivational social games to help keep people implement their new healthy habits."