Moto X camera fix begins rolling out to AT&T-branded devices

It only took two weeks, but Motorola's firmware fix for the Moto X has passed AT&T's scrutiny and, as of today, has begun rolling out to handsets. Owners of that particular variant should see an over-the-air update arrive that brings with it the very same imaging improvements we first saw hit T-Mobile's unbranded variant. Things like low light performance and color accuracy are all getting a much-needed boost, in addition to tweaks for a faster touch-to-focus response time and better exposure for outdoor shots. But the Moto X's camera software isn't the only area getting patched -- Touchless Controls have also been adjusted to deliver users better voice recognition and more immediate results, while setup for the "Ok Google Now" feature has been simplified. So, has this firmware update hit your handset yet? Let us know in the comments below.