SK Telecom T1 sweeps League of Legends World Championship

SK Telecom T1 sweeps League of Legends World Championship Season 3

Korean team SK Telecom T1 (SKT) swept Chinese opponents Royal Club (RYL) 3-0 to win the League of Legends World Championship and claim the $1 million prize last night. The Grand Finals were held at the Staples Center in front of 13,000 live fans and, according to a tweet from GameSpot's Rod "Slasher" Breslau, more than 1 million concurrent viewers online, not including viewers from China or South Korea.

Despite the pre-game analysts desk all picking favoring RYL to come out on top, it was SKT that dominated. While the first two games in this best-of-five set went 30 minutes or beyond, the final blow that saw SKT crowned champions came in at just under 21 minutes.

The entire world championship can be watched via the YouTube embed above, but if you want to skip the pre-game chat and speculation, the first match starts at 1:54:20, the second match starts at 2:47:54, and the final match begins at 3:53:00.

Update: The original text of this article stated that "all" of the analyst's desk had picked RYL to win. This was referring to the desk of player analysts moderated by Joe Miller, and did not factor in votes from the analyst desk at the Staples Center. The article has been updated for clarity.