Amazon now shipping Chromecast orders outside of the US (update: not anymore)

Google has yet to expand Chromecast sales outside of the US, but that isn't stopping Amazon from getting a little piece of the action. Android Central noticed that the online retailer has opened orders on to include additional international shipping options, providing an legitimate and cost-effective way to get the $35 streaming dongle before it officially lands on foreign shores. We successfully placed a order to be shipped to the UK for around £35, but other reports suggest customers can have the device shipped as far as Australia -- with shipping and import fees included in the total price. With Amazon fulfilling international orders, you won't have to take your chances on eBay -- giving you a little more peace of mind should you decide to jump aboard the Chromecast train.

Update: It appears the leak has been plugged, as Android Authority reports Amazon is no longer accepting new orders from outside the US. Orders already placed are apparently still going out however, so if you jumped on it early you may be in luck.