Twitter for Windows Phone update brings lockscreen tweets, theme options and notifications from favored accounts

Twitter is looking to nab its own spot on the lockscreen of Windows Phone users. Thanks to a new update for the micro-blogging app on Microsoft-friendly handsets, tweets can get cozy on the aforementioned screen for a quick peek. However, it appears that you can't choose what shows up in that space (at least for now) or do anything with it as it selects at random. A "customize lockscreen" option is situated in the settings, but it's currently greyed out. Users can also expect to toggle on notifications when closely followed accounts post, choice of a dark or light theme and the ability to pin keyword searches to the home screen for easy access. There's also improvements to search and tweet translation has been expanded to include 13 additional languages. Version of the app is available now for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.5 at the source link that follows, just in case your trusty handset hasn't pinged you about it's arrival just yet.