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T-Mobile reportedly set to unveil global data plans with service in 100+ countries (updated)

Could this be the global data plan of our dreams? A fan site for Shakira, the artist set to perform at T-Mobile's UnCarrier event tonight, published a teaser on its Facebook page today. The image above suggests that the carrier will announce data plans that include global roaming in more than 100 countries, with no additional fees. That's all we have to report for now -- it's unclear whether or not data will be capped, which countries are included and what you'll need to pay for the plans -- but this Facebook post is consistent with a tweet from T-Mobile CEO John Legere this morning, declaring "Today is the day! The day we change the way the world uses their phones! You ready? #unleash."

Update: It appears those rumors were spot on as T-Mobile's site is now showing a promo for free global coverage in over 100 countries, with plans to launch the service later this month. No other details are available just yet, but it does appear this will only apply to postpaid subs on the Simple Choice Plan.