Vectrex Regeneration devs creating ColecoVision app, includes 19 games

An iOS app replicating the 1982 ColecoVision console recently found its way to Kickstarter. Developer Rantmedia Games, the makers of the official Vectrex Regeneration app, is seeking $250,000 on the crowdfunding platform by November 8 to fund the iOS app. It is also targeting Android, PC, Mac and "even hardware like PS Vita" as future platforms.

Rantmedia Games said it envisions a living room-like menu within the app, allowing players to swipe across the screen to select a game, check out its original box art and manual, then drop the cartridge into the virtual console. The developer plans to include a trophy case on the side of the family room menu, which fills up as players rack up high scores in games and earn achievements. The ColecoVision app will include global leaderboards and options to send challenges to friends.

Rantmedia Games has the rights to 19 games, a list of which can be found after the break, and said it hopes to add more to the app, including support for homebrew games.

  • Antarctic Adventure

  • BlackJack/Poker

  • Bump 'n' Jump

  • Brain Strainers

  • Destructor

  • Fortune Builder

  • Frenzy

  • Jumpman

  • Jumpman Junior

  • Jungle Hunt

  • Montezuma's Revenge

  • Ms. Space Fury

  • Pepper II

  • Space Fury

  • Super Action Boxing

  • Super Action Football

  • Super Action Baseball

  • Super Action Soccer

  • Zaxxon