3000AD partners with DC for Line of Defense comic

Line of Defense

Derek Smart-led Line of Defense developer 3000AD announced this week that it has partnered with DC Comics to create a digital comic book set in the Line of Defense universe. The comic, built as a 12-part miniseries, will cover four separate stories from both factions of the game's core conflict. One story will launch each quarter, with the first hitting shelves this month and the final set due in July of 2014.

While the Line of Defense comic is mostly stuck in the digital world, a limited edition printing of the first story, Payback, will be available as a free giveaway at DC Comics' booth during New York Comic-Con. Ten thousand copies will also be distributed to comic book stores; Line of Defense fans who can't make the con can pick up a free copy October 16th at their local nostalgia dungeon.

The Line of Defense game, meanwhile, continues its cruise through a very extended beta.

[Thanks to Saucelah for the tip!]