Chinese students allegedly forced to build PS4s at Foxconn for school credit

Not all internships are as easy as making coffee in exchange for a glowing reference. In fact, according to Chinese media, over 1,000 students from the Xi'an Institute of Technology have been working on the PlayStation 4 production line at Foxconn as part of a work experience partnership. Apparently, the interns are treated much like employees, so apart from the work's questionable relevance to future careers, they get paid and have something for the CV. All is not quite as above board as it sounds, though, for Foxconn has admitted to Quartz that some students were designated night shifts and overtime in disagreement with internship protocol. Foxconn says it's taken steps to make sure it won't happen again, and was keen to highlight the voluntary nature of intern participation. However, reports claim the Xi'an Institute of Technology is withholding course credits necessary for graduation, thereby forcing students to pull drone duty and help address the rabid demand for Sony's next-gen console. While we're surprised to hear that an educational establishment is allegedly party to such a scheme, Foxconn has always had a penchant for controversial working arrangements.