Defiance spotlights a new kind of arkfall

Trion does love random events, all right.

If you've played Defiance for a while you're pretty familiar with how the game as a whole works. There are rules, an ordered nature to the whole thing. Arkfalls happen a certain way. Except the game's latest DLC pack has introduced a new wrinkle in the form of Dark Matter arkfalls, events pitting players against waves of Dark Matter enemies with the goal of being the only side left standing. Which is easier said than done.

Players will encounter four types of event in both Minor and Major categories; the former lasts 20 minutes and the latter runs for 60. Extractor and Mayhem events pit players in an escalating shootout with Dark Matter forces, Obliteration tasks players with destroying an arkfall core, and the Extraction Force event pits players against the strongest of the forces that the Dark Matter troops can rally. Take a gander at the video past the break for some of the feel contained within these new events.