Double Fine, friends gather to demo games at Day of the Devs

Double Fine is gathering some of its indie friends together next month for an event called Day of the Devs, a public showcase in San Francisco that will see Double Fine, Tribute Games, Gaijin, Capybara Games, Supergiant, Honeyslug, iam8bit and Chris Hecker in attendance.

"It all started with us just wanting to show Broken Age to our backers and fans," Double Fine brand manager Greg Rice told Joystiq during a phone interview. "And we knew that if we were going to invite those people out, we were going to need a larger space – so we figured if we had the space, we might as well invite some of our friends to show their games."

Day of the Devs was concocted as a simple gathering that wouldn't force developers to plan and detract from their own development schedules, Rice went on to say. Developers just show up and demonstrate what they've been working on to anyone willing to attend.

"We have been trying to work hard with developers to make sure this is a turnkey, really easy thing for them to be a part of and it's not costing a lot of time and effort. People who are in the area can just drive over and be ready to go. This can be a celebration of games and a time to unite developers and fans. We want them to show up, do their thing and not have to worry."

Of course, Double Fine will have to shell out some dough to put on the showcase, though some sponsors have signed on to share the financial load. And while Double Fine certainly would like to see this grow into an annual occurrence, Rice is more excited by the prospect of Double Fine team members who can't make it to shows like PAX being able to interact directly with fans.

"We're excited about it; we'd love to see it be something that's reoccurring. We've done things like this in the past that were more aimed at press, when we've had multiple games we wanted to talk about, but we're more and more excited about trying to involve our fans in everything we're doing ever since Broken Age on Kickstarter."

The Broken Age Kickstarter campaign, which went under the codename of Double Fine Adventure, secured over $3.3 million in funding for Double Fine. A subsequent project for Massive Chalice, which also made its debut on Kickstarter, gave Double Fine an additional $1.2 million. For Double Fine, this new and closer relationship with its fans is something Rice welcomes: "It's very invigorating to talk to the people who are really excited about the stuff we're doing."

Day of the Devs will take place between 4pm and 8pm PT on Saturday, November 2 at Public Works in San Francisco. The event is open to everyone 21 years of age or older. Further information on Day of the Devs, which noted indie developer Phil Fish will apparently deejay, is available in the press release below.

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Free public party to feature games from many well-respected indie developers

SAN FRANCISCO – Oct. 10, 2013 – The festive folks of Double Fine Productions will be hosting Day of the Devs, in collaboration with the brooding but attractive hipsters of iam8bit, in San Francisco on November 2, 2013. This free event will feature fun, food, and a curated selection of amazement from fellow indie game developer pals, showing off the latest and greatest in the world of independent video games.

Featuring a line-up of games from Double Fine, including the first opportunity to play Broken Age, as well as a currently unannounced new game, Day of the Devs will also feature wares from iam8bit, Supergiant Games, Gaijin Games, Capy Games, SpyParty, Honeyslug, Tribute Games, and more for you to get your grubby impeccably clean hands on. Surprises will abound from special guests like Funomena, while the illustrious Phil Fish spins tunes in a one-of-a-kind DJ appearance.

To keep your sustenance up, several food trucks will grace the event and drinks will be on-hand. Additionally, merch will be for sale from your favorite indies, because what's the point of earning money except to spend it on sweet, sweet goods? "It's basically all of our favorite people in one place, for a night of awesome games, food, music, happiness, and creativity," said Double Fine President and CEO Tim Schafer. "Essentially, a Night of 1,000 Hugs."

Event Info
Day of the Devs
Location: Public Works | 161 Erie St., San Francisco
Date: November 2, 2013
Time: 4 – 8 pm

This event will be free to attend, and attendees must be 21 or over. For more information please visit