Change the look of your iPhone 5c case with CaseCollage app

Change the look of your iPhone 5c case

With the iPhone 5c, Apple for the first time introduced color to its iPhone lineup. What's more, Apple upped the color ante by concurrently releasing perforated iPhone 5c cases in an assortment of colors.

While some folks seem to enjoy the tremendous number of color options afforded by the 5c and the accompanying cases, not everyone shares that enthusiasm.

The solution? A new app called CaseCollage that allows users to create and print iPhone 5c backings to fill up the circular openings which result from the iPhone 5c case.

The app description reads:

CaseCollage for iPhone 5c provides an interactive way to add personality and design for the new 5c case. Use the case holes as frames for your artwork, friends, and interests. Merely create and print for endless custom cases.


• Add and arrange photos from your phone, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, or Picasa

• 250+ colors, letters, patterns, and clipart

• 35 circle-spaces to arrange and create your design

• Share your CaseCollage with friends and family

• Print a copy for your own case or for others

The app is free and provides a neat way for users to really customize their 5c device to their liking. Check out a video demo of the app in action below.