Chocobo Racing 3D cancelled, creator says

An upgraded Nintendo 3DS version of Square Enix's PSOne-era mascot racer Chocobo Racing has ceased development, creator Takashi Tokita confirmed with Siliconera.

"The original Chocobo Racing was made by me," Tokita told Siliconera. "But the one for the 3DS was a project being handled by someone else, and as far as I know, it has been closed. Now, if I had made it, I would have made sure that it came out. Unfortunately I was not!"

Chocobo Racing 3D was one of the first games Square Enix announced for the Nintendo 3DS, though few details were revealed regarding the project beyond a handful of screenshots and a brief gameplay snippet. Rest in peace, little chocobo. May you roam forever free in the great choco-rodeo in the sky.