Fill your iPhone 5C's sad, empty case holes with CaseCollage's cat faces (and other stuff)

That iPhone 5C you've got outfitted with a swiss cheese-esque Apple case might've looked pretty fresh at first, but it's been a few weeks and you're starting to wish those holes had something a bit more exciting to look at inside. Either that or you're totally okay with what you've got, in which case we'd suggest you go watch this clip from the Kids in the Hall. For the rest of you, CaseCollage is here to help: it's a free app that helps you design and print custom images to fill those empty holes with creativity.

Taking images that are either already on your phone or synced via various online image services (Flickr, Picasa, Instagram, etc.), the app lets you place images in a virtual facsimile of your case and save those patterns. There are also a variety of pre-loaded shapes and fonts should you wish to add wingdings and messages to your iPhone's rear. Head below the break for a quick video walkthrough, and snag the app right here if you're feelin' it.